Kids Need Physical Activity

Regular physical activity provides physical, mental and social benefits to children.

Budget cuts

Children should engage in 60 minutes of physical activity each day, yet less than half of all children do.

Budget cuts

Schools are reducing or eliminating physical activity from their curriculum due to budget cuts.

Budget cuts

Children spend 7.5 hours a day using electronic media (tvs, computers, video games and cell phones).

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun, motivating platform for kids to enjoy the many benefits associated with fitness and exercise. Our approach to kids fitness captures the physiology of sport, creating better athletes among children. The unique format of our program keeps both the athlete and non-athlete engaged in each class ensuring each child has the opportunity to develop and enhance his/her individual skillsets. By encompassing all skill and fitness levels, we are able to boost the confidence of each child creating ideal, lifelong candidates for enjoying sports and fitness activities.

Add Fitness to Your School's Curriculum

The GrowFit program was created with a single goal in mind:
Create a fun and motivating way to bring fitness and exercise to elementary schools.

How it Works

We provide fitness classes to your students, before, during or after school hours.

Our trained and certified coaches bring all the necessary equipment to your school and operate a structured, age specific program that provides your students with the foundational motor skills through fun games, relay races, obstacle courses and drills.

We also work with you to learn the specifics of your school's policies and procedures to ensure consistency from the class room to the field and we pride ourselves on maintaining open and consistent communication with school staff to ensure the children are enjoying and benefiting from our program.

"Our coach is great at classroom management and the kids are having a lot of fun with your program"

Megan M.,
Program Director

We are currently operating GrowFit programs at the following Bay Area schools

  • Alt School
  • Athena Academy
  • Creekside Learning Lab
  • French American School of Silicon Valley
  • German American International School
  • GreenOaks Montessori Preschool
  • Las Lomitas School
  • Sand Hill
  • St. Raymond School
  • Synapse School
  • The Nueva School
  • Ventana School

How GrowFit Benefits Your School

Our fitness program provides your students and school with numerous
academic, health and convenience benefits.

Research shows that exercise increases a child's ability to pay attention in class and improves academic performance on tests.
By encouraging kids to stay physically active and teaching them that fitness can be fun, we are launching youngsters into a lifetime of fitness and health.
Our program was designed based on extensive research in the area of childhood physical activity.
GrowFit is currently serving multiple schools in the Bay Area and both parents and students love it.
Our program is an affordable alternative to hiring a full time physical education teacher. We'll partner with your school to create a program that meets your needs and works within your budget. Classes can range in duration, frequency and time of day.
Each of our coaches is certified through the Positive Coaching Alliance and is required to complete a GrowFit training program that outlines expectations, discipline policies and fitness fundamentals.
All equipment (cones, balls, ropes, etc) is provided by GrowFit. There is no need for your school to purchase any equipment.

"Thank you for stepping in this past year and providing an excellent PE program to our students. We enjoyed getting to know your wonderful program"

Carolyn J. G.,

A Customized Program
to Meet Your Budget

We'll partner with your school to create a program that meets your fitness goals and budget. Here are the 3 ways we can adjust the program for your school.

Number of classes each week
We can create a program that meets as little as once a week and as frequent as every day.
Length of each class
Classes range in length from 15 to 60 minutes. Our morning programs are generally 15 minutes, while our classes during and after school are generally 45 minutes.
Time of day
Our most popular programs are dring the school day, but we also offer before and after school fitness programs.